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In its conceptual days, our designer Molly Kent founded DAY SEVEN (d7) living in Osaka Japan where elements of the designs of our first collection blossomed from an array of on-job observations and cultural influences.

After 10 years experience working both FOH and BOH hospitality in various establishments, roles and countries, she felt a strong need for a higher concentration on staff and how workplace wellbeing, respect and enjoyment of their job can absolutely be the major factor in the successfulness of a business.

“Your staff are the first and last point of contact for your customers, they’re the walking, talking brand and sales”

From her own working perspective, staff deserve to feel appreciated and respected at work, which starts with feeling comfortable and confident in their work uniforms. At DAY SEVEN we seek to help hospitality achieve this.


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proudly melbourne made

Everything from design, development, in-house manufacturing to photography/videography and graphics. We love working with the creative talent that strives right here in our backyard. This also helps us keep a high quality assurance, transparency tracing and higher standards in ethical and sustainable practices. 

The advantages of having a local team is we are able to offer old school perks like our tailoring and custom services; quick repairs and adjustments on rips and tears that happen to your workwear.

We love Melbourne, our hospitality industry and our incredible skill we grow in the fashion industry here in Australia- so we’re just keeping our loves all in one place by making a conscious decision to minimise our impacts and only shipping in and out on demand. 

Our vow is to offset our impact by planting a tree with every item sold, this is what we call our environmental discount. We keep a tally for a biannual planting day with our friends at fifteen trees. We do this on your behalf to help raise your corporate responsibility, there is power in not seeking out huge discounts and deals which will most of the time come at a compromise to our planet and to the fair work and wellbeing of workers.

Together we can get our hands dirty in cleaning up the state of the planet the peoples future. We thank you for thinking more consciously and accepting your environmental responsibility as business owners in the community. With you, we will continue to be better for our futures on earth.

We work with natural fibre fabrics only and that’s what we believe your staff will benefit from also. Natural fibres have a life long durable strength, comfort and are simply better for our skin and our planet. Responsibly produced linen, hemp, bamboo and cotton have outstandingly higher breathability, absorbency, anti-bacterial, anti-odour advantages to them, which mean obviously better for working hard long shifts in that us hospitality workers are accustomed to. We encourage our wearers to only wash when needed, or dab wash in areas with cold water, only hang dry to help your uniforms have a longer life. Love the characters the uniform take on throughout its working-wear life. Don’t give up on it when it no longer feels crunchy new, instead, love it more as it gets softer and more comfortable. Our current linen workwear collection colours are available for all designs, contact us for a look book and fabric swatch to ease your decision making.