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Custom Design Services


Custom designing hospitality uniforms is a worthy investment for your business; you no longer need to continually bulk buy uniforms or worry about finding something stylish and most of all functional and comfortable for your staff. It’s all done for you by DAY SEVEN’s expert in-house stylists and designers – all with hospitality experience! 

We work closely with you to align our customizations with your business’s design brief and budget. We customize styles for any or all of your FOH departments: from housekeeping to management, cafe to restaurant staff. 

Every custom order is exclusively designed and made just for you and your business to only be replicated when ordering more for staff onboarding. 

Once the design process and the initial order is completed, our service does not stop there. We keep all your details on file, offer repairs of worn garments and tailoring for any special needs for your staff. We check in with you half-yearly to see if you’re in need of some more hospitality uniform inventory. 

tailoring service

If something has caught your eye or you love what you see in our showcase collection, ask us what we can do about tailoring these pieces to suit your venue.

It may be you need another colour palette or to explore another sustainable fabric type, or perhaps the women in your team are begging for more pockets!

  • * Shibusa

    aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty

  • * itadakimasu

    humbly received, thank you for the food, let’s eat

styling service

Elevate your business with d7 separates and an everyday wardrobe. 

We love our showcase pieces: made with exceptionally high industry standards, these styles are made to last in your team’s wardrobes shift after shift, month after month. And who better to help you style them back with your team’s everyday wardrobe than ex-waitress turn stylists / designers at d7.

we understand what your staff want and hear what your business needs for success.

Our services are all available both onsite in venue and remotely via phone.

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