freqently asked questions

Where do you manufacture?

We have everything made in house from our studio in Heidelberg, Melbourne Australia 

Because we make only on demand we are proudly small scale production. Which also allows us to support our freelance seamstresses and tailors who work from home. 

Where is your fabric from?

We source from local Australian suppliers who import Japanese textiles and sustainable functional fabrics. All of our haberdasheries is also sourced locally with Melbourne suppliers.

Do you have other colours available?

Yes, we do, simply get in touch and we can discuss with you tailoring pieces from our showcase collection in a colour palette which compliments your business. Otherwise, we can custom design exclusively for you, with access to many sustainable fabrics and colours choices. 

Are you able to provide payment plans?

Yes, we are, just get in contact with us and we can help you finance your uniform investment. 

How does your tree planting program work?

It’s simple. For every garment sold we plant one native Australian tree on your behalf through our friends at 15trees. They are protected and cared for. We keep tally of our sales and half-yearly the total of garments we’ve sold equals the number of trees we go out and plant. 

Last year our trees were planted at the Westgate park and at the Esoteric festival site. We call this our environmental discount and for big groups and companies this is a great way to raise your corporate responsibility. 

Are you tax deductible?

We will be in the 21/22 financial year. 

Do you sell your designs to not only hospitality companies?

Yes we do, but we like to prioritsie our industry friends first and foremost but we understand that our thoughtful designs benefit many creative industries and stylish humans. We plan to hold an archive sale every now and will keep you informed via email socials and blog posts. 

Do you sell internationally?

Hospitality service spreads far and wide, as do we. We proudly serve the global market and always look forward to seeing our clients wearing d7 on our travels. 

How much is shipping?

We have flat rates per kilogram for both australia wide and international shipping costs.