1. Radical Yes  

Is there anything more irresistible than a fabulous flat shoe? WE DON'T THINK SO. 

Taking the number one spot, female-founded Radical Yes has championed the ‘Flat Shoe Liberation!’ and, (obviously) we are obsessed.

Radical Yes designs are both thoughtful & daring, with everyday women at front of mind - gone are the days of rolled ankles, stilettos stuck in grass, and taping our toes! 

Radical Yes offers 'athletic-inspired' hiking sandals, slip-ons, and trainers for modern women who hail cabs, pick up kids and rush to meetings.

Q: If you could pick a few words that describe your business in 5 years time, what would they be?

Radical Yes: GIRLS ON TOP. Our company in 5 years time will remain female-founded and led, driven by our founding principles of movement and creativity.  

Highly community focused, Radical Yes will continue to be a celebration of female creativity - independently owned and driven by an exploration of all things modern and conscious.

Focused on our mission of being fluid, agile and calm no matter which way the sea's take us. This is Radical Yes. 


Our teams fave product:

The 'Neptune' Athletic Sandal 2.0 in Mango Leather / Cherry Nylon ($229.00) 



2. Fungi Solutions

Through myco-cycling organic waste, our dear friends at Fungi Solutions are revolutionising conscious packaging.

In addition to being Australia's first commercially available Myco-Material manufacturers, they are also paving the way for sustainable materials, such as providing mushrooms with cigarette butts for their next challenge. 

We love this fabulous ever-experimenting business and have been working with Fungi Solutions to find waste solutions for our textile scraps. 

Q: If you could pick a few words that describe your business in 5 years time, what would they be?

Funghi Solutions: In 5 years I know that Fungi Solutions will be growing a Mycocycling industry from the ground up.

Our vision is to build an organisation that operates like mycelium and recycles resources and regenerates the local ecosystem.

We do this by working with fungi in order to divert waste from landfill and grow alternatives to polystyrene and plastics.

This means we can sequester carbon and create products for a range of applications beyond packaging. 

It's probably worth me mentioning that our pilot facility is currently at capacity for production of Myco-Materials but we are looking to expand to process 40 tonnes of waste per year in the coming year. 

We're so thrilled to hear so many people are excited by the potential applications and fantastic properties of mycelium. 

We're finding that in particular the lifestyle & interiors, cosmetics, culinary and produce industries are finding the most value in the insulating, protective, natural and compostable features available in mycelium products.

3. I am not paper

Fun! Bright! Loud! Gorillas! - the first thoughts that came to mind when jumping on I am not paper's site. Their existential question is: CRAZY REALISTS? OR SIMPLY BANANAS! We vote for crazy realists.

This brand has something so high-octane that makes me feel like I'm drinking a triple shot latte from their cups as I read their content.

Eco-friendly coffee cups have been around for a while now, but we’re excited to see where I am not paper takes this to the next level.

Q: If you could pick a few words that describe your business in 5 years' time, what would they be?

I am not paper: We see our company & brand that has helped end deforestation & plastic pollution through plant-based / truly sustainable single use product & packaging.

While of course having heaps of fun along the way.

Ft. the best workflow plan I’ve ever seen.

4. HoMie

HoMie (Homelessness in Melbourne Incorporated Enterprise) is a social enterprise that supports people experiencing homelessness or hardship living in Melbourne.

It began with a Humans of NY-style Facebook page that supports and humanises homeless people of Melbourne, to a brick-and-mortar shop on Brunswick Street, to half-yearly internships, a production house and several more great projects. 

As if they can’t get any better, as a result of their (shared) passion for reducing textile waste, HoMie created the brand REBORN.

Using upcycling to transform clothing that would otherwise go to landfill. We love everything HoMie does and stands for! *chefs kiss*

Q: If you could pick a few words that describe your business in 5 years' time, what would they be?

HoMie: "Impactful, essential, pioneering."

5. Claire Ellis Ceramics

Our perspective on the kitchen sink has changed forever, thanks to Claire Ellis.

As a chef of the internationally renowned restaurant Attica, Claire developed an in-house ceramics studio while experimenting with glass and eggshells to form her ceramics.

With her current work, she creates one-of-a-kind pieces using ceramic sink waste, kitchen sludge, glass and eggshells. She has since made serving dishes and tableware for Attica's tasting menu, which can be seen on her website here: 

It was a true pandemic-inspired career change when Claire stepped away from the kitchen to pursue her ceramics business.

The last two years alone have resulted in over 13 exhibitions, commissions, and multiple awards for her (obviously so) incredible pieces. 

Q: If you could pick a few words that describe your business in 5 years, what would they be?

Claire Ellis Ceramics: Innovative, useful, minimal

Our team's fave Claire Ellis Ceramics piece: No Time To Waste Clock 005 $170.00