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Your project size will determine your turnaround time. Generally, we say one style takes 30 days from conception to completion, and five styles can take up to 70 days to complete.

Our bespoke design service starts from $750AUD. This includes all feedback rounds, test wearing, consultations, and delivery of two sizes for each style.

We currently do not offer a shop option. If you are interested in something you see in any of our marketing material or online, get in touch with us and our team will be able to help you.

You can simply answer yes/no to the question about your interest in our styling services in our New Client Questionnaire.

It's our unique and holistic approach to your workwear solution where we provide you with a shopping list and style suggestions that compliment your d7 workwear.

We collaborate with local businesses in your area and our friends and collaborators.

If you would like to get in touch with us to start your workwear customisation with us, you can request a questionnaire here. 

Any staff member with day seven workwear can request our tailoring service at any time by getting touch with us.

All we need are the details of where you work, and what style or design you are wearing.

We source our fabrics from Japan, India, China and Australia

Of course we do.

Hospitality is worldwide so we aim to serve all those serving others, no matter where you are in the world.

We specialise in hospitality workwear. This is made possible through our combined working experience in the industry and our expert fashion innovators whom we are so proud to work with.

However, hospitality is a large industry that intersects the people and services it offers.

We know that there are many out there seeking a better workwear option for their teams. Because of this, we strive to be an accessible, bespoke solution for all seeking better for their business and bodies.

We proudly represent the industry we love so much by celebrating the variety of people, bodies, and cultures that form it.

We never want anyone in your team to feel different by needing sizes not on the list or a particular design to make things easier for a special need or cultural dress code.

We have established certain services like tailoring and extensive consultations to support this. We truly immerse ourselves in your brand to understand the needs of your staff. We believe that when inclusivity is practiced, your staff will feel more welcomed as an essential part of your team.

We love your feedback!

Allowing you and your staff to test wear the custom-designed pieces is super important to us.

In these two rounds, we want you to take the time as the end wearer in the business environment to give us open feedback.

We suggest test wearing on a couple of different staff members and decision makers for two or three alternate shifts depending on the type of business.

If you need longer, let us know, as this might extend your turnaround time.

We are Melbourne based so we do our best to personally deliver to each of our clients here. If you are rural, interstate or international, these delivery times can only be estimated at time of delivery booking which you will recieve a notification via email.

We do this so that you pay a one off design fee, and then pay the minimum amount for your collection on every order now and in the future.

This way your choosing a smarter long term investment for your business.

You might see or hear that we use renew alot across our social channels and website. We use concious efforts across our production line, and operations to align with our Impact, and values.

Day seven are on a journey to help renew the earth at every step of business.

Our upcycle lab; Day zero is a uniform upcycling initiative whereby we give you a solution for your old uniforms that would typically go to landfill.

We give your old uniforms new life by using them in our production processes, our packagaing, and delivery solutions.

By participating with our initivate, we offer a 5% discount off your first custom design order.

We wanted reward businesses for considering the after life of their old uniforms. Rather then ending up in landfill we upcycle them into our packaging and delivery bags along with our other off cuts that couldnt be avoided in production.

5% discount of your total inventory purchase will be added to your first orders invoice. 

If you're not ready to commit to custom designing something just yet, but still want to upcycle your old uniforms just give us a call and we can organise a pick up and keep 5% discount on your file for when you do decide to come on a custom design workwear journey with us.

We try our very best to make sure every part of our workwear is home compostable. Depending on the client and their specific fabric type, this can determine different types or breakdown times in the earth

We are supported by our friends at fiteen trees . Fifteen Trees plant each tree throughout the planting seasons in Victoria, and other parts of Australia.

For every garment sold we plant a tree on your behalf.

We have biannual planting days to plant the trees we have tallied from our client sales.

To date, we have planted natives at the West Gate Park and private property in the Yarra Valley

Absolutely. Both day seven and fifteen trees would love you or your team to get involved!

Its a great way to learn about conservation efforts locally, become more aware of how we can renew the earth together, and team building whilst raising your corporate responsibility.

On our biannual plant days we will send your team an open invitation to join us. You can also get in touch with Colleen and the team at Fifteen trees to organise your own plant day.

We love this city, thats why!

Though, there is alot behind our decision to produce here in Melbourne.

One main reason was to keep our production small and as ethical as possible. To do this, we needed to have control over every aspect of production and operations, so we can implement, measure and improve our impact at all times.

By sourcing locally, we're able to minimise our shipping footprint, and maintain a high quality in our workwear.

Made-to-order is often more considered approach to buying and producing.

We personally offer a made-to-order service to minimise our contribution to overproduction so often seen in the garment industry,primarily when large factories require large MOQS.

Going down that route would not allow us to custom design with so much individualism for our clients. While also allowing our customer to access small minimums.

Made to order boasts the ability to tailor to particlar sizes and traits of each and every person, which is what we love doing. By celebrating the different people that make up our industry.

We want to encourage and educate our clients to have a longer life cycle for our workwear. We have established a wear-repair service for all our custom design clients and their staff members wearing d7 workwear. We understand hospitality can be physical work; your workwear will wear over time and take on its own character.

However, rips and tears from a hard night on shift are sometimes not so easily fixed. We can give your workwear a whole new life by repairing these specific issues and encouraging the attitude of mending workwear before ending its lifecycle.

Anyone from your team who has been assigned a d7 workwear piece can request a repair by emailing our team.

We will ask you to send your piece to us at your own cost, our production team will do a condition assessment and let you know what we can do, We then send it back to you at free of charge.

If your workwear is beyond repair we will also compost it on your behalf.

Anyone from your team who has been assigned day seven workwear can request to have it tailored to them for any specific needs.

Simply email our team, we will then ask you a couple of questions related to the request, and have you send us your workwear to us at your own cost, and our production team will complete the tailoring and send it back to you free of charge.

In need of a refresh? You might be rebranding, or simply have been wearing and working for a while now.

A great cost-effective way to do such a refresh of your custom design is over-dying your current colours.

You can choose another colour suited to your brand with the help of our design team, and have a whole new look and feel without starting over.

This will be dependent on your unique custom workwear collection.

Your workwear will come with best instructions for caring for it, so we suggest keeping, and taking a look at your tags.

In general if you are unsure, cold wash and air dry yur workwear in a warm spot out of direct sunlight.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on custom design collections.

If you are not happy with the final product, please let us know what excactly isnt sitting right with you and we can do our best to come up with a solution.