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Your business is unique. Your workwear should be, too

From conception, design, and manufacturing to styling - we can empower your team with confidence at every step of the journey.

With workwear designed for good, we focus on the retention of staff and the longevity of your business.

How we help:

Custom design

After spending time with you, forming an in-depth brief, and a full immersion in your business, our team of expert stylists and designers will custom-create high-end workwear that reflects your unique brand.

We work closely with you to align with your team’s specific needs and budget - whilst saving you the hassle and cost of bulk-buying generic, low-quality uniforms.

We collaborate with reputable designers to co-create your workwear, combining our industry expertise and their fashion create-ability -  and we assign the designer best suited to your brand needs.

DAY SEVEN can customise for any of your FOH departments, from housekeeping to management, cafe to restaurant staff.

We understand what your staff want and hear what your business needs for success.

OUR PROCESS1. We meet, we immerse:

We spend time soaking up the sights, sounds, smells and tastes in your venue - to get under the skin of your brand.

2. We customise, we style:

Working with expert designers and stylists, we create customised workwear to suit your team’s unique needs.

3. They wear, they embody:

Your team feel valued, motivated, stylish and confident everytime they put on their workwear before a shift - and become walking, talking embodiments of your brand.

4. You experience, you grow:

Your customers experience improves, your business benefits.


Have you seen or worn something you love, but want it tailored for your workplace?

As businesses evolve, so do their needs - which means your workwear should, too. Whether you need a different colour palette to align with your new brand, want to tailor an item you already own, or your staff are begging for more pockets - we’d love to help bring your vision to life.

If a piece has simply caught your eye, ask us what we can do about tailoring these pieces to suit your venue.


Let the details make the difference with d7 personal styling.

Our expert stylists will ensure your team has the tools to wear your unique brand with pride, whether you’re fitting your team with a whole new workwear wardrobe, or fusing separates and an everyday wardrobe. When you opt in for this service, you’ll also receive a styled photoshoot that can be used as both social and marketing content plus a style guide for current and future staff.

Made with exceptionally high industry standards, each piece is made to last in your team’s wardrobe - shift after shift, month after month.