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Our Story

Elevating the next generation of contemporary hospitality with workwear designed for good

Born of a desire to help contemporary hospitality teams do their best work, we believe that magic happens when people not only look good - but feel good, too.

Founded in 2019, DAY SEVEN (d7) intersects sustainability with style to help you deliver service that makes a difference. 

Much like style that surpasses trends, our mission is simple: To elevate the next generation of contemporary hospitality with workwear designed for good.

"Day Seven is like your uniquely perceptive friend who always knows how to make you feel your best"

Our Vision

Custom designed for your brand

Your business has a unique story and workwear can help you tell it. We take the time to fully immerse ourselves in every aspect of your brand experience; the look and feel of your interiors, the smells and sounds of your kitchen, the energy and style of your people

Each of these elements are woven into our design of a bespoke workwear collection tailored to your specific needs. We also offer a styling service to demonstrate how your team can style their workwear, whilst staying on-brand. 

Contemporary hospitality is a multi-sensory experience, and the difference is in the details.

Workwear that’s better for the world

Every item of clothing is created with responsibly sourced sustainable materials, and produced ethically. Proudly Melbourne made, everything from design, development, manufacturing and marketing is done locally to maintain the highest quality, to minimise our footprint, and create local jobs. 

As part of our ‘environmental discount’ policy, we offset our impact by planting one tree for every item sold at the biannual planting day with our friends at Fifteen Trees.

Prioritising quality over quantity with every conscious step, d7 workwear will help your business look good, feel good and do better.

Crafted to last, while looking the part

With over a decade of experience in the global hospitality industry, the d7 team knows what it takes to make functional workwear. We also know the integral power of premium, high-end, charismatic style.

From the barista who wipes the side of his pants after every bean grind, to the front-of-house host who needs to look aspirational but at ease - d7 will empower your team to deliver service that stands out, with fully-equipped and professionally styled bespoke workwear.

Produced using exclusively high quality natural fibre fabrics, you won’t waste time or money constantly replacing cheap, generic and unfit-for-purpose uniforms.


Meet our Founder

Ten years of experience in the industry. Working across FOH and BOH roles in various establishments across the globe, Molly Kent experienced first-hand just how integral workplace wellbeing is to the success of an organisation.

Also a stylist and designer by trade, she knows just how much what you wear can influence how you feel. Molly founded d7 while living in Osaka, Japan, where she fused inspiration from on-the-job observations with cultural influences.

Driven to help contemporary hospitality workers look, feel and perform at their best, Molly delights in every new opportunity to help deliver a better customer experience.


“Your staff are the first and last point of contact for your customers, they’re the walking, talking brand and sales”

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