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Our Impact

Empowering People

We want to reinvigorate hospitality workwear traditions and influence how staff feel in the workplace.

We provide staff with functional, individually tailored workwear that creates a space for all to feel welcome and valued.

We are a size, gender and culture-inclusive atelier representing the hospitality industry's people at large.

We aim to empower people to feel confident and comfortable at work.

Our Impact Goals

We believe in going beyond just sustaining the earth and beginning to renew our planet and its finite resources.

We understand that choosing to produce; we need to be responsible for our actions. We aim to minimize our waste and the impact of creation in every aspect of our supply and operations. 

Some of the projects we are implementing;

- Planting a tree for every garment we sew with our friends at fifteen trees. 

- Breaking down our paper pattern making offcuts into tags and notepads. 

We are always learning, researching and developing daily our responsibilities to renew.

We will update this page often as our projects grow in development.

Made to Order

To responsibly produce, we operate a made-to-order model, so we are never creating more than what's 'needed'.

Made-to-order designs result in a smaller production operation, which allows us to design everything tailored to suit our customers and maintain high manufacturing standards.

We include customers on the design journey and offer extra high-end services for the end wearer to prolong the life of workwear by using our styling, tailoring and repairs services.

We encourage the wearer to take pride in how to care for and wear their workwear throughout the working years.