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Day Zero

Upcycle your worn uniforms with us

Every 10 minutes, Australians dump 15 tonnes of clothing and fabric waste.

Thats why we want to give you a solution for both your new workwear and your old uniforms. We believe your old uniforms should not be forgotten about and added to landfill.

We collect and rescue them from trash, we get creative and upcycle them into new usuable and experimental products using them in sampling production that develop your custom design. You may also recognise them the delivery packaging solutions we use for you new custom designs.

Earn cost savings

You can upcycle whether youre custom designing a new collection for your team or not.

If you are, we will apply a 5% discount to your first invoice. If your not ready to custom design yet, no problem we can keep the discount on your file untill you are ready.

Please Download Our Purchase Order Form Download Purchase Order Form

Once Completed, Please email the Filled-out Form to